Apple Logo In Different Colors

1. Place a square sheet of Gel Paper over your MacBook. I chose blue because it is my favorite color. I bought a 4 pack from Amazon.

American Dj Cgs9A Precut Gel Pack For Par 64, 56, 46 And 38

2. Place an adhesive skin over it which can be found at

I chose the Black Matte Antibacterial Full Keyboard Skin which covers over the keyboard key spaces as well. Be sure to select the Top Skin Type as Solid with no cut out because you need to use an X-Acto knife to cut out the apple shape yourself. They can’t send it with the apple logo pre cut. It also comes with a Trackpad skin which I did not use because it has a texture to it and wanted to keep the smooth like glass feel. On the 15″ model it does not cover the speakers which gives it a two tone black & silver style. It fits in well without having the Trackpad skin on.

The Apple is a much deeper blue than the camera picked up. It definitely will make yours stand out from all the rest.